We Believe in the Arts

The Hal Jackman Foundation is committed to fostering creativity and enriching our community through the arts

  • A man and a woman sit in chairs facing each other. The man is turned with his head facing the audience, an agonized expression on his face.

    Phillip Addis and Krisztina Szabó in the Canadian Opera Company's Pyramus and Thisbe. Photo: Michael Cooper.

  • A male ballet dancer strikes a pose on the left side of the stage with a simple circular design serving as the backdrop.

    Guillaume Côté in The National Ballet of Canada’s Nijinsky. Photo: Cylla von Tiedemann.

  • An orchestra on its feet, facing the audience.

    Esprit Orchestra. Photo: Bo Huang.

  • An androgenous clown faces the audience in a splayed position while reaching one arm back towards a lifeless man.

    Tiffany Tregarthen and Jonathon Young in Betroffenheit. Created by Crystal Pite and Jonathon Young. Presented by Canadian Stage. Photo: Michael Slobodian.

  • An opera actress in a red ballgown is pulled dramatically by one arm by a male angel behind her.

    Peggy Kriha Dye and Tyler Gledhill in Opera Atelier's Armide. Photo: Bruce Zinger.